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Project Title: Velvet Violet - Shards

Genre: Goth Rock

Status: New Release

Project History: When Hollywood based Velvet Violet began as the short lived industrial project Chane Lynx in the early nineties, no one would have dreamed that later incarnations of the band would one day reach a world wide audience. On the heels of the demise of the legendary Glam Rock scene and with the music industry gearing up for the launch of it’s Grunge craze, nobody expected a release from an apparently dormant genre to have such an impact. But the first demo "Theatre' De Emotion" which spawned the EP "Ashes" soon spread throughout the underground. 1995 saw the release of "Valley Of Shadows", a darkly personal musical journey that gave birth to the instrumental "Griddle's Lament" that created an unexpected sensation on underground radio. 2000 saw the birth of "The Beautiful Atrocity" a ground breaking and critically acclaimed concept album that challenged the boundaries of Goth/Alternative inspired music. The track"Ashes" has quickly become a popular radio request and made it into the top 30 most downloaded songs on the SoundClick charts."Dark Whispers" and "Subliminal Surveillance" from the new album have also found a world wide audience as popular mp3 downloads as each have broken into the top 50.




Project Title: Belligerence: The Journey of J.J. Star

Genre: Documentary

Release: Limited


“What would happen if you just… said it?”-J.J. Star

Although mainstream fame eluded him for 15 years, J.J. Star remains a vital figure of the alternative comedy landscape. Emerging in Hollywood during the political correctness revolution of the 1990’s, J.J. set out to push the limits of free speech and challenge the status quo in the unlikely arena of stand up comedy. J.J. quickly set the bar for confrontational performance art and controversy. His turbulent personal life and battles with substance abuse became fuel for his unapologetic performances.

“Belligerence : The Journey of J.J. Star” takes a graphic look at the darker side of the comedy world through the eyes of this unique artist. Told through his own words and featuring rare footage, this story of personal struggle and redemption will stay with you long after the laughter has faded. This film provides a rarely seen glimpse inside the world of a tortured artist and his quest to become the “most outrageous comedian of all time.”